About Us

Welcome to Hyderabad Dental Hospitals. This 10,000 square foot multispecialty dental care center is located in the heart of the city. The clinical wing of the highly regarded Hyderabad Dental laboratory, Hyderabad Dental Hospitals was one of the first chains of dental hospitals in Andhra Pradesh. Established in 1999, Hyderabad dental hospitals has built a reputation for its expertise in preventive, restorative and cosmetic dental work with scores of satisfied patients. With two centrally located branches, we provide quality and affordable dental treatment in a clean, hygienic and welcoming environment. Equipped with the latest technology the dental field has to offer, we aim to take care of your smile. We address the dental care needs to the entire family. Be it your child’s first dental checkup, braces for your teenager or a whitening treatment to brighten your smile, you can be assured that our team of dentists will have the best possible treatment plan to suit your needs.

Hyderabad Dental Hospitals was established over a decade ago in an endeavor to revolutionize the practice of dentistry in Hyderabad. Our vision was to maintain the etiquette of Deccani hospitality inherent in our traditions and amalgamate it with the newest advancements dental science could offer, providing the highest quality treatment to our patients, a cut above the rest. This attitude has fostered long term loyalty and friendships with generations of patients, making everyone who visits Hyderabad Dental Hospitals a part of the ever expanding HDH family and giving them another reason to smile.