Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are the latest innovation for the replacement of lost or missing teeth. An implant is an artificial titanium tooth root a dentist fixes in your jaw bone to secure the replacement tooth or teeth, bridges and dentures. They are the perfect solution for replacement of teeth lost due to caries, gum disease or injury. Implant supported crowns and bridges look and feel completely natural giving you freedom from the embarrassment of ill-fitting dentures that are difficult to chew with and artificial looking tooth replacements that steal your confidence.

How it works.

Titanium has the special property of Osseointegration. Osseointegration is the direst structural and functional connection between the jawbone and the titanium implant, thus acting like the root of a natural tooth. This forms the biological basis for the success of dental implants.

Types of implants

Tooth in an hour

Tooth in an hour utilizes the most cutting edge technology in tooth replacement. It involves providing the patient with a tooth or teeth supported on dental implants in a single session of about an hour. The patient will have fully functional crowns or bridges in just a day or two rather than going through months of surgeries and dental treatments.

Conventional dental implants.

For those who are not ideal candidates for tooth in an hour or require more extensive dental work, we provide the option of the more established conventional dental implant process. Here a period of healing and observation is allowed between every phase of the treatment to allow osseointegration to take place and ensure a higher rate of success of the treatment.

The main advantage of the conventional system is that it is an established system and has years of research backing its claims as a successful prosthesis. Unlike the single stage implant, this method can be used for implants inpatients who may not have perfect bone support.