Deals with Malocclusion or improper bites. An improper bite may be the result of irregularly placed teeth or a disturbance in the proper relationship of the jaws. Orthodontics deals with the prevention, interception and correction of these problems. The treatment may involve repositioning the teeth in proper alignment, modifying the growth of the face and jaws, or both.

Removable Orthodontic Appliances

Removable orthodontic appliances as the name suggests are those that can be removed and replaced at will. Their main advantage is the flexibility that they allow in usage of the appliance. However these appliances have limited applications. They can be used to correct minor irregularities in teeth. Removable appliances bring about simple tipping movements and differential eruption of teeth as part of a more extensive treatment. . Also patient compliance is extremely important in removable orthodontic therapy.

Fixed Orthodontic Appliance

Fixed appliances more commonly known as Braces are cemented onto the teeth for the duration of the treatment and cannot be removed by the patient. Regular visits to the orthodontist are required during the course of the treatment. Also due to the fact that they remain in the mouth for a long time, the braces and the teeth need to be cleaned regularly and maintained in a healthy condition.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic or tooth colored braces are made with a composite. They blend in with the teeth and are hardly noticeable from a distance. These braces are strong and retain their color all through the orthodontic treatment. Ceramic braces are becoming more and more popular with beauty conscious teenagers and adults undergoing orthodontic treatment. Many people find them more comfortable than metal braces as they do not irritate the gums. The elastics and ligatures used are also clear which make the appliance inconspicuous. However treatment will ceramic braces will take a bit longer than with metal braces.

Self ligating Braces

Self ligating Braces are the latest technology in orthodontics which combines low frictional forces with enhanced bond strength of the bracket and superior functionality. All this brilliant engineering results in faster treatment using lighter forces on the teeth for a more comfortable and pain free orthodontic experience. Treatment with self ligating braces requires shorter appointments and is completed months before a conventional orthodontic treatment would be. The final results are also of a higher quality compared to conventional methods.


Invisalign is a treatment modality which uses a series of custom made clear removable aligners to move teeth. The aligners are made of a smooth virtually transparent material that is comfortable to wear. Wearing these aligners over time moves your teeth to the desired positions, as planned by the dentist. Invisalign involved no wires or brackets cemented onto the teeth. It is virtually invisible and can be removed for social occasions. This makes it perfect for use at any age causing minimal interference in your day to day life.

Lingual Orthodontics

Many people are unaware that braces can be worn on the inner surfaces of teeth too. Hidden away from view lingual braces are often called invisible braces. Lingual Braces are suitable for people who are self conscious or don’t want it known that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment. They are ideally suited for adults and teenagers who would like to maintain a confident smile unmarred by metal braces.