Miss Suhani   (Actress, Hyderabad)

I have undergone a complete smile makeover at Hyderabad dental hospital and the result was amazing. The doctors are very professional at their work and take personal care and  attention to each and every patient. It not only changed my smile but also my confidence levels.


Mr.Anwar Ali Shah ( Realtor,Chicago )

I had discolored teeth and few very  bad cavities which were restored with ceramic caps and tooth colored fillings respectively at  Hyderabad dental hospital.


Mr .shahabuddin, Orlando

My dentures were ill –fitting and very artificial to look at . I had been using these dentures since very long time and didn’t even bother to change them until recently when I started realizing how awful they looked and were not even good for chewing purpose .when I went to india for a wedding, a friend of mine adviced me to see a local dentist . I somehow landed up at Hyderabad dental hospital , and my entire tooth problems came to an end. My ugly dentures were replaced for a new set of flexible dentures which were  much more comfortable and very natural to look at than the older ones .


Miss . mumtaz , student, Hyderabad

Due to heredity , I h ad sever facial bone  deformity . my lower jaw bones were  severly in a forward position in comparision to the upper jaw . this made it very difficult for me to chew and eat , and not a very good appearance . I underwent a facial surgical procedure at Hyderabad dental hospital , in which my lower jaw was placed backward to the near normal position and the teeth were treated with braces treatment.now I am having a far better appearance and I am more confident than before . it has helped me overcome my difficulties in speech and functions.


Miss Carol,student,south Africa

I had a big space between my upper two incisors which made me very conscious while smiling.

I came to Hyderabad to attend a college seminar and one of my friends suggested me to go to a local dentist and I landed up at Hyderabad dental hospital . i was treated with two metal free ceramic caps which closed my gap between the teeth as well as reduced the unsightly length of the teeth . now my smile has become very beautiful and I m no more shy to smile .


Mr.Adolf Patrick , C.A, California

I had severe brown stains on my teeth and the dental surgeons suggested that they were tetracycline stains . I tried home bleaching technique many a time but those stains were still too dark to fade .while I was in india for holidays I happen to visit Hyderabad and by chance I came to Hyderabad dental Hospital.   Here , my stained teeth were capped by Alumina caps which were very esthetic and my smile changed overnight . I no longer had to hide my teeth while smiling , and I gained a new self confidence due to lovely set of teeth .


Miss Huda , Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I had teeth with light brown stains which looked very bad when I smiled . I came to Hyderabad

Dental Hospital where I was treated for the stains by office bleaching procedure with Zoom technology and in 30mts I got a white set of unstained teeth which looks very beautiful now .